We are pleased to work directly with homeowners and/or with realtors, and we offer several levels of home staging services.

2-Hour Home Staging Consultation:
In a 2-hour Home Staging Consultation, we can make recommendations for what to display, what to put away, and what to highlight in your home. Guidance for where to place furniture and artwork can make a remarkable difference, enhancing the architectural details of the home and improving the flow throughout the rooms. We can also suggest interior and exterior repairs that will immediately increase the marketability of the home.

Partial Home Staging:
If you would like your home staged for sale, but do not have the budget for furniture, we can provide accessories for a few main rooms. By accessorizing the kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace, and empty bookcases, we can make your home more welcoming and inviting, whether you are still living in the property or have already moved out.

Complete Home Staging Services:
With our Complete Home Staging Services package, we bring in furniture, artwork, and accessories to vacant homes to make them feel more warm and pleasing. People often believe that if a house is left empty, rooms look larger, when just the opposite is true. An empty house feels cold, and the rooms always look smaller in proportion. In photos on the Internet, in particular, rooms seem to shrink. Worse, when people see empty rooms, they have difficulty envisioning whether their furniture will fit properly and where to place it. By staging a home for sale, we demonstrate the size and placement of furniture, and prospective buyers can begin to imagine themselves living in the new space.

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